CareCabs- Delivers in the long run!

  From time to time we get queries about longer journeys for wheelchair bound or aging people. The main concerns people have, are about availability and cost. The reason for the “longer journey” is usually  a change in living location or the need to visit a sick relative in another city.   The alternatives open [...]

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Fair Deal Scheme/Nursing Home Support Scheme

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme is a scheme of financial support for people who need long-term Nursing Home care. Under the Nursing Homes Support Scheme (also known as the Fair Deal scheme), you will make a contribution towards the cost of your care and the State will pay the balance. This Scheme is for families [...]

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CareCabs is the only way to travel!

We recently received an enquiry from a gentleman who wanted to bring his retired colleague to a very nice restaurant for a Christmas lunch. The problem was that his colleague, who was a lady in her 60s, had recently been confined to a wheelchair. He explained that this was a very recent development and she [...]

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CareCabs Delivers for wheelchair users!

Wheelchair taxi services We are frequently approached by families and friends of people who for one reason or another are confined to a wheelchair for mobility purposes. They tell us that they need a `reliable wheelchair taxi” and give an account of recent experiences where their wheelchair taxi service let them down leaving their loved [...]

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CareCabs provides safe and cheaper alternative to Private Ambulances

We were approached this week by a sister in charge of an Orthopaedic Ward of a major Dublin Hospital in connection with a patient who had Hip Surgery and was returning to her home in rural Ireland for rehabilitation and recuperation following the surgery.  The patient, who was a mature lady was definitely set on [...]

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Helping Wheelchair Users in their Physical Environments

We got an interesting call from a gentleman, this week, who lives in an apartment complex, close to the city center. His problem was that his wife is a wheelchair user and they live on the fourth floor of their apartment complex. The management company, who maintain the shared areas of the complex, have announced [...]

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CareCabs works well with families in domestic situations when elderly relatives have dementia and are in wheelchairs and need to be transferred for respite or other reasons.

  We received a call a few weeks ago from a family whose elderly aunt had advanced dementia and whose carer, a close relative needed a break from her role as a carer for a while. To facilitate this, the family had sought and had been granted respite for their relative for a three-week period. [...]

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CareCabs can help at family funerals when a wheelchair user needs accessible transport to attend.

We got a call last week from a Funeral Undertaker in Dublin. They explained that they were arranging a funeral for a gentleman who passed away in his early nineties. The deceased’s wife was living in a Nursing Home, was herself too in her nineties and had mobility problems and used a wheelchair. The Undertakers [...]

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CareCabs are able to transfer people who are large and are in very big and electrical wheelchairs

We got a call last week from Dublin Airport. The call came from the Taxi Rank outside of Terminal 2 and it was from the people in Aer Rianta who manage the Rank there. A group from Australia had arrived, including a wheelchair user in a large electric wheelchair. The young man in the chair [...]

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CareCab”s specialist service can handle transfers for people in wheelchairs who have back pain and who need a guaranteed return trip.

We received a call from a lady recently regarding a planned trip for her sister to a dental appointment in the city centre. It became clear that this lady’s sister had multiple problems with her health including Osteoporosis (Brittle Bone Disease), crushed vertebrae in her lower back region and delicate skin that was subject to [...]

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