We got a call last week from a Funeral Undertaker in Dublin. They explained that they were arrangAmbulette 1ing a funeral for a gentleman who passed away in his early nineties. The deceased’s wife was living in a Nursing Home, was herself too in her nineties and had mobility problems and used a wheelchair.

The Undertakers explained that they needed a wheelchair accessible vehicle to transport the deceased’s wife from her Nursing Home to the Funeral Parlor, from the Funeral Parlor to the Church, from the Church to the Cemetery, from the Cemetery to the Reception and finally back to the Nursing Home again.


DSC_8542I made contact with the family to make arrangements. I spoke with deceased’s daughter who explained that she was very worried about her Mam and how she would get through the long day. She described her Mam as having age appropriate dementia but could sometimes be “awkward”.


We discussed how she would like this day to go and I was able to specify the kind of services that would help over come some of the inevitable hurdles that this day would present. I advised that her Mam should be accompanied and offered the services of our carer for the day. I explained that we would be respectful of her family’s wishes and would accommodate her Mam in every way on the day. We agreed that one of the daughters would also travel with her Mam throughout the day too.


As it turned out the day went precisely to plan. The elderly lady was comfortable and calm throughout the day and the family roap02eported that they were very satisfied with the service we provided on the day of the Funeral. Furthermore the Funeral Undertakers reported that they thought so too and that our discrete and unmarked vehicle was suitable for such events.


At CareCabs we are very pleased to offer our services to families of wheelchair users at times such as these.