We recently received an enquiry from a gentleman who wanted to bring his retired colleague to a very nice restaurant for a Christmas lunch. The problem was that his colleague, who was a lady in her 60s, had recently been confined to a wheelchair. He explained that this was a very recent development and she was reluctant to go out because she was nervous about how she would get on, in public, with her wheelchair.


He further explained that he was certain she would need to build confidence to enable her to remain independent and happy. He was very keen that this first “social outing” would be a successful and positive experience for her. He was looking for a wheelchair accessible transfer that would be sensitive to this Ladies anxiety and worry. He told us that he needed to know that the pick-up and collection would proceed on time and without stress.


Having listened to the scenario and his request for sensitivity we re-assured him that we would ensure the transfer would work on time, smoothly and safely and with all regard to our wheelchair passengers’ comfort.  He was pleased with our discussion and booked our services that same day.


The following week we attended at our appointed time. We introduced ourselves and showed the passenger our wheelchair accessible vehicle and pointed out our safety and comfort features. These included the wheelchair restraint system, our built-in ramp and on-board WIFI system. She was very pleased with this. When she was securely on board we offered her a complementary CareCabs fleece throw and a bottle of drinking water which she accepted gratefully.


Both the gentleman who booked our service and our fledgling wheelchair user expressed great pleasure with our services during the transfer and at the end of the return trip. So much so that she announced that she thought “CareCabs is the only way to travel”. We were delighted with their complements and thought that we would share them with you.


If you or someone close to you need our services, we are ready and waiting for your call. Call CareCabs on 01 853 5363 to book our service.