Residential Care Home to and from Healthcare facility

People living in residential nursing homes will need to make visits to other locations such as hospitals and other healthcare facilities from time to time. CareCabs helps to make these important visits less stressful and offers care to our clients during these trips. There are three levels of assistance available.

  • Healthcare Assistant
  • Nurse
  • Companion

Healthcare Assistant

In this level of care our health care assistants remain with our clients every step of the way.

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They will care for the client in transit and look after their needs in ensuring they get to their appointment comfortably. Our healthcare assistants are available to accompany the client into the medical consultation if required.



This level of care is suited to clients with significant medical needs. In this case the client is cared for by a team comprising of a nurse and a driver. click for more details
The nurse will attend to the client’s medical needs in transit and at the destination. Our nurse will accompany the client into the medical consultation. Our nurse will remain with the clients until they are settled back home in their residential nursing home.



This level of care is it suited two people who wish to have company while making a trip to a hospital or healthcare facility for a medical appointment. click here for more details
In this case a driver and companion team collect the client. The companion remains with the client throughout the journeys at the destination and until they return to the Residential Nursing Home.


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