Hospital/Healthcare to Healthcare

Being admitted or discharged from hospital can be a difficult time. The stresses of transferring between one care facility and another can also be trying. CareCabs offers assistance in this situation. We provide the transport and an accompanying person, a Health care assistant, Nurse or companion, to ease the process and ensure you get to where you need to go to with the minimum fuss.

Even planned admissions and discharges from hospitals are difficult times. Transfers between healthcare facilities can also be challenging. The CareCabs team, driver and assistant will manage these difficulties and ensure that the client gets to where they need to go in comfort and with great care.

Healthcare Assistant

This level of care is suited to people who need assistance in getting to and from hospital or in transfer situations. click for more details
Our healthcare assistant will be with our client every step of the way, because for us our clients health and well- being is paramount. BOOK HERE


In certain cases the person who is being admitted, transferred or discharged from hospital should be in the care of a nurse. click for more details
This is really defined by the client’s medical situation and will be specified by her primary carer. Our qualified and highly experienced Nurses will co-ordinate the admission, transfer or discharge efficiently while also attending to our clients medical needs throughout. Our Nurses are trained advocates and will ensure the best possible care for our clients in these situations.” BOOK NOW


If you find the prospect of a planned admission, transfer or discharge from hospital daunting then our professional companions may offer back up and support to you at these for more details
The CareCabs team of driver and companion team will look after you from start to finish ensuring that you do not have to face this challenge alone. BOOK HERE
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