Wheelchair Taxi Service Dublin

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The reliable wheelchair taxi service that guarantees you an on time, return journey service.

Avoid being let down, experiencing long waiting times and delays, or worse still, cancellations at short notice.

At CareCabs we can guarantee you a reliable and prompt taxi service, it’s just that simple. We will not take on journeys (either one way or return trips) that we cannot fulfill.

Our customised wheelchair-accessible and fully equipped taxi is driven by qualified and professionally trained drivers and healthcare personnel.

About Our Vehicle

  • Built in ramp
  • Power assisted winch
  • 3 Point safety belt
  • 4 Point security system
  • Care bag
  • O2 gas security system
  • Alternative wheelchair
  • On board web cam
  • First aid kit
  • AED device

Capacity: 1 Wheelchair and 4 seated passengers