DSC_8557From time to time we get queries about longer journeys for wheelchair bound or aging people. The main concerns people have, are about availability and cost. The reason for the “longer journey” is usually  a change in living location or the need to visit a sick relative in another city.


The alternatives open to families in deciding how perform the move include;

1. Attempting to perform the long distance transfer themselves (this works well if the passenger is able bodied and of sound mind and family are available),

2. Using a taxi service (this works well for shorter journeys and family are available)

3. Using a Private Ambulance (this works well if the person travelling is unable to sit and needs to be on a gurney)Louis

4. Using CareCabs! (this nearly always works well !)

These longer trips are made simpler by careful planning and clear lines of communications between all the parties involved. (Usually the contact person at the point of origin, the contact person at the point of destination and the family contact of the person being transferred).

Our wheelchair accessible vehicles are specially configured to accommodate a Carer or family member to have close access to the wheelchair passenger during the journey so that the wheelchair passenger can receive continuous care throughout the journey. We are happy to provide a Carer or nurse, if required, for the duration of the transfer.


Our vehicles are also equipped with a wheelchair and we are happy for our customers to use this wheelchair for the transfer (Avoiding then need to return a wheelchair to the point of origin.)

We offer our passengers the comfort of a new throw (a warm comfort blanket), fresh drinking water, and provide WI-FI internet access in the vehicle too.

We do our best to “be available” for such customers and can usually accommodate them when the booking is made well in advance. (a week or more).

The cost of trips remains at €65 per hour for unattended trips, €85 per hour for Carer attended trips and €105 per hour for Nurse attended trips. For trips of more than 100km there is a fuel surcharge. (€10/100km)

So! Please book well in advance if you need to secure a longer journey in our wheelchair accessible vehicles! CareCabs can deliver in the long run!