Wheelchair taxi services

We are frequently approached by families and friends of people who for one reason or another are confined to a wheelchair for mobility purposes. They tell us that they need a `reliable wheelchDSC_8485air taxi” and give an account of recent experiences where their wheelchair taxi service let them down leaving their loved one and accompanying carer or friend without a means to return home.


These disappointments are not only confined to individuals as we have taken such “emergency” calls from Hospitals and Nursing Homes explaining that a resident or patient has been “abandoned” by their wheelchair taxi service.


Transport is a tricky business

In every walk of life and in any circumstances mistakes occur. Indeed, small businesses are notoriously difficult entities to manage and live local transport businesses have the added complication of the `Dublin Traffic’ to contend with.


This is in no way intended to excuse the practice of abandoning people with no means of returning home, and or, reneging on an agreement to provide services.


At CareCabs we think this practice is abhorrent and work tirelessly to ensure we deliver on our promises to provide the highest level of services in a timely and honorable way. We simply don’t “not collect” people.

We, at CareCabs, pride ourselves on living up to the promises that we make. If a customer books our service at a particular date and time and accepts our terms, and we accept the booking, then the service is delivered as requested.


There are times when services are delayed. These delays are usually due to traffic problems in the city. In such cases it is CareCabs policy to communicate with our waiting customer and advise them in an honest way, of our expected time of arrival. This is as much as can be done in these circumstances. We find that our customers are happy when they know the delay is specified and are reassured we are en route to them.

So, if you need a reliable wheelchair accessible transport service, that lives up to its promises, takes bookings and delivers on them, plans journeys and trips to ensure customers are satisfied, you may look no further. CareCabs Delivers!