We got a call last week from Dublin Airport. The call came from the Taxi Rank outside of Terminal 2 and it was from the people in Aer Rianta who manage the Rank there. A group from Australia had arrived, including a wheelchair user in a large electric wheelchair. The young man in the chair was described as “large.”DSC_8723

This young Australian man was not happy to use anything except a vehicle with a built in ramp and preferably one with a hoist to assist his entry and exit from the vehicle. They googled “assisted transfers” and found CareCabs.


I assured the Taxi Rank Man that our vehicle was suitable and he then passed me to the young Australian. He explained that their party had been waiting at the Rank for over an hour and nothing by way of a suitable wheelchair taxi had shown up. I described our vehicle and service and he immediately felt reassured that we could do the job ok.

Half an hour later we arrived at the airport and connected with the Australian travelling party. The young wheelchair user reviewed our vehicle and was immediately happy with what he saw.


There followed a very unremarkable transfer from Dublin Airport (T2) to their city center hotel. During the trip the young Australian mentioned that he had received a cervical injury during a rugby game and had been left with paralysis from the waist down and with only partial upper body ability. I asked him his height and weight and he told me he was 6 ft 7 and weighed in at 19 st.! No wonder he found suitable transport difficult to find!


The party booked CareCabs for a further 2 excursions including a trip to a wedding in Wicklow. We were pleased to be able offer assistance to these visitors and were delighted that they felt so comfortable traveling with us.