We received a cDSC_8689all from a lady recently regarding a planned trip for her sister to a dental appointment in the city centre. It became clear that this lady’s sister had multiple problems with her health including Osteoporosis (Brittle Bone Disease), crushed vertebrae in her lower back region and delicate skin that was subject to abrasion with the slightest bump, and was also a wheelchair user. She resided in a very nice nursing home in North Dublin.


On the previous trip in a Wheelchair Taxi, this lady’s sister had experienced problems. Their driver drove the taxi in such a way as to make her very uncomfortable and painful during the journey and she had banged her legs on the back of the drivers seat as the driver drove over a speed ramp. While the injury sustained was low grade, it was a very painful incident and very memorable, for all the wrong reasons.


We explained to the caller that we had experience in transferring people with painful backs and were really sympathetic to their plight. We told her that there is a method for driving over ramps that reduces the impact from the jolt and that we would be happy to apply that method with great care for her proposed journey.


Her other concern related to her fear of being left stranded at their destination without the certainty of their timely return journey. We could allay her fears by explaining that at CareCabs we can guarantee the return trip. It’s just that simple. We will not take on journeys (either one way or return trips) that we cannot fulfil.


The lady booked us on this basis and the return trip occurred without incident and with great care. On arrival back at the Nursing Home some three hours later, our passenger and her sister booked us for a further trip the following week. They were very satisfied that we could handle this delicate transfer challenge and voted with their feet by booking us again!