We got an interesting call from a gentleman, this week, who lives in an apartment complex, close to the city center. His problem was that his wife is a wheelchair user and they live on the fourth floor of their apartment complex. The management company, who maintain the shared areas of the complex, have announced the lifts in the apartment block will have to undergo radical overhaul lasting seven weeks.


His wife will need to be able to go out for essential trips during this time and he was at his wits end as to how this could happen. Having viewed our website www.carecabs.ie he wondered if we would be able to help in this situation.


I explained to him that subject to a site visit and a risk assessment it could be possible, with the use of specialized equipment and trained personnel, to facilitate the transfer of his wife down four flights of stairs to the awaiting CareCabs, wheelchair accessible vehicle. (And back up again upon her return).


I went on to explainDSC_8595 that each of the “callouts’ would have to well planned and booked in advance. This is definitely a two-man job and great care will be required to facilitate the transfer  safely. He agreed that he would liaise with the apartment management company to confirm that they would be willing to cover the cost of these transfers.


As is the case with many of the domestic call outs we have experienced, people’s domestic physical environment often become amongst their greatest challenges in day to day living following disability due to ill health or age.


We, at CareCabs, believe we can offer assistance in most of these circumstances but are unable to deal with the permanent challenges presented by living quarters that are unsuited to people in wheelchairs.