Eileen (name changed to protect anonymity) is a regular user of CareCabs services. She is a young lady in her early twenties with a mild cognitive disability.

Ambulette-02Eileen lives in sheltered accommodation, very happily, in a nice Suburb on Dublin’s North-side. Eileen loves to go to bowling and belongs to a special club where she can go bowling and mix socially in a safe and secure environment.

HIQA recently visited her house, which is run by a major organization (not HSE) and following a successful inspection HIQA made certain recommendations regarding the care for the service users within that house. One such recommendation was that Eileen, who they considered vulnerable, should be accompanied on trips to and from her bowling outings.

This presented her carers with quite a challenge, as funding was not available within the organization to fund another carer in this role for such trips. When we heard about this we visited her house and sat down with her carers to decide how future trips would take place. I pointed out that our vehicles were equipped with a security camera and that CareCabs would be pleased to switch it on during these trips and give her carers access to the footage via a video link up.


Camera in VanIn this way Eileen would be under the watchful eyes of her carers even when she was on route to and from her bowling events. The suggestion was communicated back to HIQA who confirmed that this approach was very suitable and Eileen, under these conditions, could continue to peruse her beloved sport of bowling and also continue to mix socially in a caring and safe environment… without the added cost of an additional carer to contend with.

We, at CareCabs, believe in maximizing the benefits of new technologies and are very pleased to facilitate precautions in transferring potentially vulnerable people in order to enhance their independence and their enjoyment of life, in the context of safety and security.