We recently collected a wheelchair user from a Dublin Hotel bound for Dublin Airport. A tour guide who related the following story to us accompanied the Passenger;
“Stephen, the wheelchair user, was an American student who was visiting Ireland for a 10 day tour with his college from Florida. On arrival at Dublin Airport a bus for their onward journey to the tour base hotel met the main touring party. Stephen followed in an accessible taxi. The wheelchair taxi used two detachable ramps for access, which Stephen found difficult and uncomfortable to use.

DSC_8486Upon boarding the taxi Stephen applied his brakes and was expecting his chair would be secured and a seat belt made available. When he enquired the taxi man said that it was only a short run to the Hotel and there was “no need”. Against his better judgment and experience he accepted his situation. However, the Taxi was forced to make an emergency stop as it was leaving the Airport. Stephen was flung forward off his wheelchair hitting the rear of the front seats of the taxi. The wheelchair overturned and ended up on top of him.

Luckily, for Stephen, he suffered nothing more than a few bruises and a bad fright. The taxi man assisted Stephen back into his wheelchair. Stephen demanded that the mandatory tie downs be applied and that he would be secured into his wheelchair with a seat belt. To his horror, the taxi man declared that his taxi was not equipped with these essential restraints and Stephen faced a scary and uncomfortable journey to his destination. He arrived safely and without further incident.

However, Stephen had had such a bad experience he refused to use taxis for the rest of the tour, resulting in him missing out on many of the featured trips and tours.”

On completing this story Stephen spoke up telling us that he wished that he had known about CareCabs before he arrived in Ireland as he found our vehicle and staff very suitable, secure and reassuring for him.

At CareCabs we believe that passengers in wheelchairs need to be treated with respect, offered the security of the highest standards of transit restraints and safety, and made feel as comfortable as possible while in transit.